Welcome to Rising Phoenix Intuitive Wellness

What is stopping you from knowing yourself more intimately, more completely?

Let’s ground and drop into our hearts for a moment to

::: just breathe :::

You are free to step into your power to rise from the ashes of your former self.

Allow love, compassion, and understanding to be your guide.

Hello, love. Let’s heal.

Rising Phoenix Intuitive Wellness is a safe space to learn how to cultivate self-love, self-trust, and self-acceptance. It promotes these things by transmuting pain into love through the power of connection. This connection begins with ourselves and extends to connection with others over time. We offer one-on-one healing sessions, coaching, energy work, couples healing sessions, and workshops.

  • Exploring the Mind, Body, and Soul: A Heartfelt Thank You
    Hello, beautiful souls! From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stopped by our booth at the 7th Mind Body Soul Expo at the Saratoga City Center this past Saturday. It was an absolute pleasure to meet each and every one of you and share our passionContinue reading “Exploring the Mind, Body, and Soul: A Heartfelt Thank You”
  • Healing or Healed?
    Where would you be if you envisioned yourself as going from a work in progress to someone who’s “made it”? From someone who is healing to someone who has healed? As the new calendar year begins, I find this time to reflect on things that can change for the coming year. Rather than jumping inContinue reading “Healing or Healed?”
  • Thanksgiving
    Some realizations in the spirit of Thanksgiving: Hurting myself is something I’ve become unfortunate comfortable with as a method of survival for most of my life. Self harm through withstanding painful relationships, drinking, drug use, food addiction/binging, saying yes when I mean no, and the physical form of self harming – punching, slapping, screaming at,Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

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